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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

with 1 I was so excited we had been trying for a couple years and after many negatives I couldn't believe it when I saw the postive. I called everyone I could think of asap.

2. We were ntnp since it took so long to have to ds1. Little did I know it wouldn't take as long, I remember the reason why I decided to test was because I was bawling watching an episode of Roseanne. I wasn't even late yet. I was very happy about but I was the only that was. I will spare you the details of the fight that happened when I told DH but needless to say I was not happy with his responsel

3 oh my sweet ds2. Hubby and I had always gone back and forth over a 3rd and he would kinda hold it over my head to get his way. If you do this for me we can have a 3rd type thing. This went on for a while and he would always change his mind after getting his way. I accepted that I would only have DS1 and DD. We were using NFP and I had told DH that it wasn't a time to dtd with out protection but he chose not to listen. Long story short I knew that night i was preggo though he didn't believe me and it took until i was about a week late before he would let me test. I am so ery happy now that my little man is here and i love him to bits but when I took that test and it came up positive I was so upset. I took the test while it was still wet and through it at DHs head. It took months to be OK with it. Hubby was excited about though it just took longer for me to get to that place.
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