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What color would you paint...

What color would you paint a bedroom shared by a boy and a girl?

Dd2 has recently moved into ds's room and we're debating painting it a more neutral color that suits both of them since dd2 isn't likely to move back out anytime soon. (she was downstairs but has always hated it down there and after 2 years we finally said fine, you can move upstairs with ds). Right now the room is painted almost black in a star wars theme - very BOY. Dd2 is all about pink - her downstairs room is pink and very princessy (ie over the top girly).

The idea is we might do wall stickers but most likely leave the walls plainish until one of them moves out in a couple of years and then personalize the color for whoever stays upstairs (could be either of them). So what color would you paint the room?
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