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Re: Living together before marriage. Yay or nay?

Originally Posted by beccatown View Post
The statistics for divorce are higher amongst those who co-habitate before marriage compared to those who don't.
I would say that this has more to do with the fact that they aren't sleeping together before marriage, not just co-habitating vs. not co-habitating. I am a conservative Christian who waited until marriage (as did my husband) to sleep together. We didn't even kiss for the first time until we got engaged. He did live with my family for about half a year while sitting out of college for a semester, but he stayed in my brother's room, not mine.

So, basically, in my opinion, if you're already sleeping together, which is evidenced by the fact that you are expecting, then I see no difference with you moving in together. But, if you're having doubts, or doing it just for convenience, or because of the baby, and aren't sure about the long-term, and want some sort of commitment, I definitely agree with others that you shouldn't do it just yet, and that these are things that need to be discussed between the two of you.

Oh, and while it is true that the divorce rate in the church in just as high as those who aren't, I feel that this has more to do with letting distractions/circumstances affect the couple's relationship with Christ and each other. Divorce can sometimes seem like an easy way out compared to truly committing to a relationship with Christ, each other, and the family that you two have become.
As someone else said, sorry if I sound preachy, this is all my opinion.
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