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Pediatric pain management

I gave my 30lb 8 year old (stunted growth from chromosomal abnormalities) 4mls of of acetaminophen with Codeine (generic). After it kicked in he indicated his pain was a 6 on a 10 scale and was still very moody crying at the slightest little thing. Due to his distress I topped off the dose with an extra 2mls (GI said max dose was 6mls). After the extra kicked in his pain indicated on the scale was a 4 out of 10 still a little clingy but not hysterical like before. Is a 4 out of a 10 with maxed out medication okay or do I need to ask for something stronger when the GI office opens tomorrow?

Quick explanation of why he is in pain. - He is in chronic pain because the pediatric surgeon and GI are dragging their feet scheduling a corrective surgery. He has a fistula connecting his rectal stump and sigmoid colon as well as severe colitis all around the areas of the fisula opening on both ends.
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