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Originally Posted by airmans_angel

oh come on! I am all baby too but she is so low i dont feel like im pregnant

BTW i dont think i put this up yet her name will be Adalynn Grace. or addy for short.
I soo love that name and want to name our dd that!! Exact spelling and all! I've loved it since I was preggo with DS and picking out names before we knew he was a he. DH isn't a fan Says it sounds like "violin"????!!! I don't get it. But this is coming from the same man who wanted to name our son Enzo... What's even funnier is he likes the name Lynn! I don't get how he doesn't think violin when he hears Lynn but does when you add the "ada" in front of it?? Cry! Maybe I will be able to convince him of it before she's born.
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