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They are very willing to work with me. They just did not know any better. There are some different people on the staff now than 3 years ago when my DS was getting bottles there, and he liked bottles and pacis so it wasn't an issue. DD hates any kind of artificial nipple and will eat very little all day, then nurse like crazy when I get her.

I was WOH full-time when DS was little. Now I WOH part-time and WAH so fortunately DD is only in care 2 days/week (but unfortunately I produce less for my pump since I don't pump that often).

I probably would have cried over poured-out milk when DS was tiny! I hated having to WOH so much & worked so hard to have enough milk. Today I was like, "It's OK, I'll make more!"

Hi! I'm Sandy, Rob's wife (7/06) & mommy to Eddie (9/09) and Katelyn (9/12).
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