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Hi everyone *waves*

I'm (not-so) new here. I've read on and off for a couple years. If any of you are on the Pink Room, then you'll already know me.

I'm Tia, my partner's name is Jillian (yes, 2 mamas!) and am from Florida but currently live in Wisconsin. I have a 4yr old boy child (Zander) that I cloth diapered from 9mos (when our disposables stash from our baby shower ran out ) til 2 1/2. My partner and I had our second child, a lady baby (Zaydalynn), 6mos ago and she has had a fluffy butt from the get-go.

With our 4yr old, he was in BG3.0 exclusively. Our daughter started out in gdiapers (easy/cheap nb stash) to BG3.0/Alva/Rumps and now I am trying the FLIP with stay dry system. I started looking up FLIPS because we are taking a trip next month to Disney and I don't want to use sposies. I have a ton of gdiaper disposable inserts but didn't love gdiapers. I plan to actually use the gdiaper sposie stash that I've had for 3yrs at Disney next month with the FLIP shell. Has anyone done Disney in semi-cloth?

I think that's enough for now, take care!

Now, I need to get to 6posts so I can PM people to further my fluff addiction.
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