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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by BNC View Post
I think part of it is calories. I noticed over the last month when I eat around 1800 to 2000 calories...that's when I lose (keep in mind I'm 205lbs)....anything less than that and I stay static or even gain!

Its really hard to eat that many paleo calories without relying on a lot of meat (which I'm not naturally a big eater of).

I I tried the suggestion on here to strain fresh juice and its much more palatable that way. What are some of your favorite juices?
I'm glad you like it!! I usually just throw in whatever I have. Not very helpful, sorry! I aim for 50/50 fruits and veggies. If it's just me drinking it I usually put in more veggies than 50% (now! I couldn't when I started!) if DD is drinking it, or my other kids are over, then I go a little heavier on the apples if I think of it - just so they'll like it, and think they like it ;-) DD usually drinks it no matter how I make it. DH is the tricky one! If he's going to drink it, I have to make sure to add more fruits or he makes fun of it! So I usually don't mind leaving fruits out, because then he won't steal it from me!

There was a pretty red "detox" juice I tried the other day, it actually had a recipe, I'll go find it.
Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
I started eating tsp of coconut oil or kerrygold rofl. For a snack, I would go get a slice of butter and a piece of fruit, or some cashews. I also started drinking things like smoothies with full fat coconut milk. My favorite was coconut milk, frozen pineapple, ice and honey-- pina colada style.
That sounds so yummy! But I don't think I need more calories Altho I have no idea really. I think I'm going to join myfitnesspal and try to track calories for awhile just to see where I'm at. I've never counted calories before! I'm kinda scared!
Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
Hey ladies, i need to-go snack ideas. We're planning a trip to disneyland and id like to bring at least snacks. Ill probably bring some wi th me in ny luggage but we are also going to hit a walmart or something when we get there because we need to buy diapers
Also, breakfast! The hotel we are staying at provides continental breakfastand i can eat fruit, but id love some portable protein ideas. We will probably pick up some microwave breakfast sandwiches so that may have to do unless i can find something microwavable that doesn't have bread.
You already got awesome ideas. Our go-to's are fruit leather, nuts, clementines, hard boiled eggs, nitrate free deli meat

Originally Posted by CarrieMeredith View Post
I juice twice a day. I always add some ice and a straw. It makes it all much easier to drink. I actually look forward to my juices now. I couldn't take the room temp frothy juice by itself.
oh YES! A straw cup helps immensely. I often don't care for the smell of vegetable juice, but it tastes fine. So if I put it in a straw cup I can't smell it - and I love it! The kids like it much better too if they can't smell it ;-)
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