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Re: Please help me get her in her crib!!

Subbing. My 4 month old not only wants to be latched on all night but she keeps unlatching, turning her head and stretching her arms and trying to relatch herself - but needs help or often ends up sucking on the wrong area. Over and over and over and over. I am driven batty by morning. I used to be able to move her to our sidecarred crib and have her sleep there for a good 5-6 hour stretch and then was able to move her back the next 2 times she woke to nurse. But now I have very little success moving her away from me and when i do, it doesn't last very long. I feel your pain! I have no clue what to do though. I did read the no-cry sleep solution with my first and it didn't work for us. Perhaps I will re-read in hopes that it will work on this one bc she is younger and maybe has a dif personality. Something HAS to change though!

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