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Originally Posted by tibeca
That recommendation is for any weight lost after the initial weight loss from birth. You should not be intentionally dieting beyond the 1/2-2 lb per week point. Even then, watch your baby, your supply and your body. If any one of the 3 seems to be "off", then diet less.

It takes 6-8 weeks to establish supply, so you should wait until that point to begin honest dieting. It is however 100% safe (and a good idea) to eat good healthy meals early on to aid in recovery.
Thanks! I think i figured out why I was confused. Some websites said to eat 500 cals more than it takes to maintain pre pregnancy weight. Which would be like dieting for me since the weight doesn't fall off quickly for me if I'm breastfeeding. A portion falls off once my body lets go of the fluid from the hospital (maybe 3 weeks out), but nowhere near the total gained.

I'll definitely keep an eye on supply. I am hoping to be able to pump extra this time around. Last time calorie reduction (a few months in) didn't affect my supply, but aggressive exercise did. In the end, I'd rather be chunky for two more years than dry up.
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