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Re: Lots of ??s. don't hate the newbie. I'm a CD virgin

I will second some of the pps I like the idea of sticking with what you know. I got Flips as a gift and Blueberrys used...I like them (they each work well, but for different folds). I like flips for night time, and blueberry in the day. I also know I like my Kawaiis and BGs. If I can get some more BGs I will for sure. I just can't tolerate the cost, so I get them used. I like Sunbaby, but they are a lot smaller than BGs.

I also have gDiapers that I love for travel. Since family is 6 hours away, we need a good car diaper that can take up as little room as possible. That works well for us.

I also want some fitteds, but they can be costly too, but I have fallen in love with the Kissas hybrids and I am dying to try those. I think something with that absorbancy is great for home with no cover (we are in Phoenix and it will be hot here in the summer, so breathe-ability is paramount). That is kind of what all the other mamas mean by knowing your reasons.
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