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Re: He wants to be in our bed. period.

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
Not much help either. My kids slept with us until around 4-5 years of age. Maybe put the crib in your room. My youngest sleeps on the couch when I am not in bed because unless thouroughly exausted he will not sleep alone. I can't really blame him though. I hate sleeping alone. When my husband isn't home I sleep on the couch rather than sleep alone in our bed.
Over the holidays his crib was in our room while MIL visited. He was just as adamant then: the crib sucks, mommy rules. He absolutely did not buy our argument that sleeping 2 feet away was just as good.

To the bolded, this is exactly how I feel. He loves us. We love him. I love hubby, he loves me. I don't want to sleep in a bed without hubby, so why would I expect any different from our son?

But on nights like tonight I was all geared up to sew, do laundry, clean, and after fighting the battle of the bed I'm demotivated and lazy.
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