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Re: Are there still home ec teachers in school?

Originally Posted by Numommy View Post
I'm working on the BSN I have a ADN-RN. How do I go straight to a masters? I'm confused easily by non nursing academia. I thought ours was the only one screwy/odd.
I wonder, Can I get a Masters in Nursing Education w a FCS endorsement?
Anyone with a bachelors degree can apply for any Master's Degree, as long as they have fulfilled all the pre-recs.

No, you could not do nursing education with FCS endorsement. Nursing Education would be to teach college-level nursing classes, and you would earn an MSN from a nursing college. FCS Education is to teach jr high and high school, the degree M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with an endorsement in FCS, earned from a University. They are completely different programs.

Now that I think about it, I believe most M.Ed. Programs require you to have bachelor's degree in the field (so either FCS or education) and maybe even a year or two of teaching under your belt.

I would contact your local university about M.Ed programs for FCS to find out the pre-recs. Take one FCS education class right now just to see if you even like it. Then what might work better is to do a double-major for a bachelors in nursing and education simultaneously.

Another idea would be to double-major in nursing with and FCS, not "education with FCS endorsement". FCS by itself is a major as well, and much easier because it doesn't require any education courses. Most schools allow a small percentage of their teachers to not have an education degree, just a degree in the field they want to teach. The downside, of course, would be that you would not have any training in HOW to teach.

How close are you to getting the BSN?

Okay, first things first, call a local highschool or two and shadow their FCS teachers for a month. Figure out if you even want to do this, or if you want to be a nurse. Talk to the education advisor at your local university. And feel free to PM me with other questions. I am fairly familiar with nursing programs as I have a SIL who has a BSN and finishing her Nurse Practitioner degree now.
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