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Re: DCP poured out milk

Oh that sucks But I agree about the teachers not knowing how to handle it. Most daycares and teachers have little experience with BM. I worked daycare centers for over a decade and 98% of the babies were FF so the teachers are going off the rules used for that.

I can also tell you that it may depend on what thier licensing proffesionals say. I know that at the last daycare I worked at, the lady that relicensed the center made it very clear to the staff ( once my baby was there because he was the first BF baby they had ever dealt with in 12 years of business!!!) that bottles were to be heated slowly in a small crockpot and that they still needed thrown out if not eaten in an hour. Luckily, we were only there for 3 hours and I could usually justt nurse him instead of them bottlefeeding. BUt the point is, they have to follow what their state licensing regualtions say. And I know where I live, oonce the bottle is warmed, whether formula or BM, you only have an hour to feed it or it needs dumped!
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