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Re: DCP poured out milk

They have these little tubes they use in the hospital when you are pumping that just fit 1-2 oz and you put on one of the disposable nipples. Would something like that work? Little mini bottles? Then you could just have 2-5 of those and if she doesn't finish, they'd only throw out a half oz or so at a time but they would still have a "full" bottle. Our DCP when DS first went freaked because his bottles only had 2-4 oz in them and at his age they should have been 4-6. Well at the beginning he was still getting mostly BM (he did have to switch when I wasn't able to pump). But it was mainly because the bottle looked so empty (2 oz in an 8 oz bottle does look pitiful.) So I started sending smaller bottles and the problem was solved. Would something like that work?
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