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Re: s/o If you used donated breastmilk

How did you do it? I used milk from 7 different women for my second baby. Some were close friends, some I met through milkshare, and one I found on here (local to me). One I also found through my lactation consultant. I had 2 long-term donors who I supplied with bottles and the others I always asked what kind of bags they preferred and gave them boxes of storage bags when they gave me milk. I was always generous in the bags, not just replacing what they gave me but making sure they knew how much I appreciated their hard work. I also gifted toys and such to their kids. I supplied one of my donors with a pump, she also WOH and needed it for her own baby, plus she was supplying milk for mine. She is also a personal friend. I tried to go above and beyond - donor milk was such a gift to us, my baby never had to have formula. I worked really hard to get my supply up and was successful in nursing for 2.5 years, but donor milk through an SNS was such a blessing!

Were you SAH/on maternity leave at the time? WOH? Was it mailed to you? Did you drive to meet the donor? How far/how much time? How often? How long did you continue to receive it? I WOH and always met in person, I drove as far as an hour 1-way, and usually got milk about once a month. We acquired it for the first year and used it up until 18 months maybe?

Was it fresh or frozen? Usually frozen, but I did get some fresh on occasion.

How was your donor screened? By you or a company? If you did it personally, what did you find out and how did you verify it? My personal friends I know their lifestyles, and the other donors, I asked. If I had any doubt I wouldn't take milk from them, and I declined milk from 2 potential donors because I had a couple concerns about lifestyle.

And whereabouts (what part of the country and rural or urban) did you live when you were doing this? Northeast, rural

ETA: It is not as easy to procure as one might want it to be, but if you are committed to only using human milk, I fully believe it can be done as I did it, and I am not near a huge city or in a large population. So many women dump a freezer stash because it is going to "expire" (milk doesn't expire! Storage guidelines are guidelines, not expiration dates!) or they simply don't know that other people would use it. Some women think that they have to go through milk banks in order to donate. Even well educated LCs will tell you that the risk of transmitting disease through milk is extremely low, even HIV/AIDS. Of more concern is the nutritional value and how well nourished a donor is.

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