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Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
She may need some time to cool off and think about things for a while. It's hard to hear your child isn't as perfect as you think they are. I know I've gotten my hackles up a bit with my parents when they complain about certain things my kids do. Then I realize they have momnesia.
This is so true. The first thing that happens when people question my kids behavior is I start thinking of all the reasons its not my child's fault. It's a gut reaction. Sometimes it's very hard to tell if it's "lax" parenting, other issues, or both. As for the hurting cats and other behaviors, all these are normal to a point (pulling a tail vs. More serious damaging behavior for example). It's really a matter of degree, frequency, and response to corrections, along with a cluster of other factors that determines if a child has a behavior disorder.

I hope this doesn't affect your DH. That's really hit or miss when it comes to guys. Good luck!
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