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Re: Please help with my 5-yr-old before I lose my mind

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
thank you. I also do realize that her yelling at DS stems from the fact that I do yell as well, and I'm working on it.
I try my best to be patient with her. But like today for example she was drinking from my water bottle and her brother came to her and water. I told her "please give your brother water too" she kept drinking so he couldnt have and when she was done went to put it back on the counter. What?! hello?
and in the bathtub, they play in there for awhile and the water gets cold. I was draining the water and she she placed a toy over the drain. I removed it and told her its blocking it making it go down slowly. What does she do? Takes a DIFFERENT toy and inches it toward the drain when she thinks I'm not looking erh-maa-gawdddd!!!
When my kids do something like that, I call them back over to me, and ask them to repeat to me what I asked them to do. They are then expected to do what I asked them to do. I also often ask my kids if they heard me. They have learned that if they don't want me telling them the same thing 500 times, that they need to acknowledge they heard and understood the first time.

Oh, and another thing is to make sure she gets quality one-on-one time with you and DH both.

As for the bath thing, I would have no problem simply taking the toys away (after a warning). It takes some work and practice, but work toward being very clear about what you want from her, making sure she understands what you want (even if it's just the simple "give your brother the water"), and what the consequences will be if she doesn't -- and then follow through with them.

It's not easy, I know. I do much better with my current 5 year old than I did with my 12 yr old when she was 5. We learn as we parent. Hang in there and it'll get better.
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