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Re: Talk to me about competitive gymnastics -- UPDATE post 19

We are 2 meets into her short season. She is having a BLAST. The first meet they didn't give out places. She was very happy to get 4 red (8.0-8.95) ribbons. The meet today included places. They did places by age for her level. There were 8 teams there. Abby did amazing. She placed 2nd in Floor and Beam and 3rd on Bars in the 7 year old age group. She placed 2nd overall in her age! She also got her first 9. A 9.1 on floor. Her team came in 2nd overall as well.

You should have seen her smile up on that podium.

DH and I knew she was doing well. But, we are both amazed at how well she is doing after less than 6 months in any gymnastics class. The head coach at her gym obviously saw something in her and I no longer worry that she was just looking to fill out a team. Sure, Abby could have continued in rec and done fine. But she is progressing so quickly with pre-team.

Anyway, I wanted to update and thank everyone for their thoughts. She is having a great time. She was a little stressed before her beam routine. It is her favorite and she REALLY wanted a 9. Her teammate got one and before her turn I could see he crossing her fingers. She got an 8.9. She was still happy, but I think it spurred a bit of her competitive nature. But, nothing too bad.

We are willing to help her continue as long as she is having fun. Is it terrible though that as a mom I saw little things I know she could have done better that would have made a difference between #2 and #1. A little bobble on her kickover. Too long holding the beam to steady herself on the beam after her handstand and an extra little step on her bar dismount. She was so close. I don't want to become that mom.

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