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Re: Please help with my 5-yr-old before I lose my mind

Yes, having read everything here, I would just add that sometimes, and you'd be surprised, your kid needs you to break it down and say it more slowly. My 4 year old is super smart and so I sometimes cynically think she should know everything already or remember everything and sometimes she truly isn't processing what she's doing - or just how annoying her behavior is or how much trouble she's about to be in. The slow, careful repeat is sometimes necessary because their little brains are going a mile a minute in a totally different direction. And then at other times, they pay attention to every single thing you say... sounds a bit like husbands actually. I have found that things like the bathtub scenario - inching something sneakily or whatever - is my daughter's way to solve a problem and sometimes she doesn't even realize how offensive it is to what I'm trying to accomplish. They aren't just little adults, they are children and their brains work in really bizarre ways. It's up to us to show them how to live with us and they need constant reminders.
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