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I think that you don't use it for everything. But yeah, some methods won't work on all kids.

But it seems to me that parents assume a lot of things and put those feelings on their kids. And because my parents did that, I am adament about not assuming that my child is acting certain ways because she feels things, unless she tells me that's what she's feeling.

More like 'my child dislikes this because of that' when it's possible the child really likes it, but isn't trying for another reason that people just aren't listening to.

Your example reminds me more of other things I've read. And when it comes to observations of playing, I prefer the 'add a detail' type communication.

'you are having fun with the zebra!'
'what sounds do zebras makes'
'did you know zebra stripes are on their skin, not just their hair'

Etc etc.

I think of PET more as diagnostic for when something needs to be talked about more seriously.

But anyways
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