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Re: Why are REAL pics so hard to take?!?!

Originally Posted by tygr2410 View Post
I can tell you why I use sku pics for children's clothing. (which is mostly bc I sell on another forum where that is the accept format, and real photos sell nothing). This isn't an excuse, it's an explanation of how I do things...I don't feel i need an excuse

I have 4 kids, the oldest is 6. Their wardrobes are full, and 95% Gymboree. (thats about 200 items per season, at 50 each between shirts/shorts/dresses) When I buy items, I add the sku pic to a google document, organized by size and gender. When the next selling season comes along (jan-April for spring/summer and July-September for fall/winter), I simpley get out all items to be sold, check condition and remove items that are not good and add descriptions for any needing it.

When I take actual photos of everything, which I have done, and will do when time 2yo (who doesn't nap), thinks its time to throw clothing everywhere...or my 8m crawls all over them (potentially spitting up then i have to wash) Then, it takes FOREVER to upload to photobucket, get the link for the pic, come here, post the link and then get the items out again to confirm the condition/size.

I have over 300+ feedbacks here. I state CLEARLY in my listings that I can take real pics of items if they'd like (& I did). I'm not trying to scam anyone. I have not found any rule posted here that states you must have ANY photos in your listings, or that stock photos are not allowed.
YES!!! I also have 5 kids and a whole lot of Gymboree/Baby GAP and most people I know in the gymbo world have virtual closests where we add things as we get them.

I do not sell gymbo on here, instead I use gymbo exclusive boards and facebook but I don't recall really seeing a rule about posting stock pictures.
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