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Originally Posted by SamanthaSews
Personally I don't think lip or tongue tie is something to worry about unless you are having difficulties nursing. And honestly I think it is pretty normal, I had "lip tie" and it wasn't an issue with nursing or speech development. It became an issue when I had braces & after the gap between my teeth was closed I had a frenectomy done by an oral surgeon. I was 14/15 at the time.

I looked it up, bc I don't understand what the big deal is. Everyone has those muscles- for some people they are extended & cause issues but for most it does not. This article explains it well.

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I wouldn't care too much if it was purely cosmetic but I'm really wondering if its the reason behind ds1 speech issues. He is high level but he has issues with pronouncing some sounds. Is there a way to tell if lip/tongue tie are the reason?
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