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Re: Disclosures in home buying/selling

Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
Did you see the crack when you looked at the house? A 1" crack is very large. If it is on the floor then it should be take up and redone properly. It could be caused from an improper slab, not letting it cure or from settlement.
Yes, we've looked at it twice...the largest "Crack" is in the brick on an exterior wall...the floor crack is probably wide enough to put a toothepick in.

Our realtor said after inspections, if the engineer says there is an issue, then they have to fix it or we walk away...

I was just curious cause it is clearly there and visible yet they disclosed that they knew of nothing wrong....I didn't know if in disclosures it was common to "play dumb" as in...hey I have no idea why everything is cracked....or I have no idea where all that water in the ceiling is from.....or I have no idea why there is smoke damage in the hallway
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