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Re: When is your first appointment?

Originally Posted by lisathib123 View Post
I'm never in a rush. I'll wait until I'm 12 or so weeks.
This is me to. I always get seen between 12-14 weeks, which is fine with me. The less appointments I have to go to the better. It might be a little different this time though being that I have no LMP to go off of. I was going to call today, but DH didn't want me to call yet so I'll wait another few days to a week or so before I call. I'm hoping I can skip the vaginal ultrasound to date pregnancy to, cause I really don't want one. They can date other ways to right?? Like uterus measurements and such. Also how far along do you need to be to get an ultrasound non vaginal?? I've only had them at 20 weeks or later with my first 2.
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