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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
My doula was a bit concerned, so she rewatched it herself and addressed some of my concerns.

so, I am feeling better that atleast I'm in a very supportive place
I really like that she was concerned and rewatched it to get your perspective on it - that's awesome! And I'm glad you're feeling better now, too.

AFM: Yesterday, after getting to town in the morning and running around all day, I was super exhausted and hormonal - grouchy and grumpy. It sucked. And it's not better this morning. I can't wait until everyone leaves for school/work cuz at least then I've only gotta deal with myself and Levi.
Oh shoot. Just remembered tomorrow is FIL's birthday. I don't think DH asked his mom if she's planning anything yet. Just asked, nope he hasn't. We'll call tonight. My SIL is flying in on Saturday ( haven't seen her in forever!) so likely MIL will want to wait until she's here, but we'll check anyways. Would probably work out best that way cuz the kids missed gymnastics last week and will probably miss next week (DD definitely will, she's away on an over-night field trip) so getting there tomorrow probably would be a good thing!
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