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SOLD Thirsties Duo size 1 - $7ppd - velcro, Mango color

I am selling this size 1 Thirsties Duo Diaper for $7ppd (according to the website, size 1 fits from 6-18lbs)

I bought it new in 2009 and my daughter wore it for her overnight diaper for a few months.
Everything is still in good shape, as far as I can tell. No stains. There is some pilling on the edges of the legs (see picture)
It comes with the snap-together microfiber and bamboo insert. The insert may need stripping due to using it overnight. I think I stripped it before I put it away but I can't remember.
The velcro still works fine - there is a little lint in the "sticky" side of the velcro (see picture) but it hadn't caused any problems for us.

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