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Re: February Chat Thread

Originally Posted by shortandsweet View Post
ok I need a little advice. FD is almost 4, and has been with us for 3 months. When she came, she was in pullups & basically not potty-trained at all. We have been working on it & she'd been doing really well - less than one accident every week. But suddenly she's having tons of accidents, like 5-6 per day and almost never making it to the potty in time. It's gotten bad enough that I have her in a diaper today b/c we don't have enough clothes to go through 6 pairs of pants every day. I don't know what to do about it though. Should I just ignore it & use diapers as needed and hope it passes quickly? Or keep her in underwear and make her try to go every hour? This is our first placement and I know regressions are common, but I'm not sure how to handle it. Thanks!
I always have believed in child-led potty training (with subtle encouragement if they are older) & more so with foster children. Potty accidents are very common for children when they are going through trauma (for example, my oldest would pee herself whenever she was upset, esp after a rare phone call/visit with her bio dad). I definitely think putting her in undies should be avoided unless she wants them.
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