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Victory dance!

I have officially made it longer ebfing DD than I bf DS with supplementing. It may not seem like a huge goal, but bfing DS was so difficult and trying that this is major to me. She'll be 5 months on the 17th.

With DS, I think it was a combination of a poor start, the formula trap, and misinformation that just made me finally give up. When he was born, we both had infections, so he was in the NICU for round the clock observation and antibiotics. The NICU nurses and my nurses were not good at communicating when DS needed to be fed. There were also times when you weren't supposed to enter the NICU because the doctors were doing rounds. They just gave him formula. I was young and uneducated and didn't think to push the issue. I was also uncomfortable nursing due to some childhood trauma. When we got home, I continued supplementing with formula because I felt like I had to and because of the poor breastfeeding start my milk wasn't coming in well. I didn't understand the concept of supply and demand. My body didn't respond well to the pump either. For the first month I nursed, pumped and supplemented. By 3 months, I was mostly formula feeding with occasional nursing and pumping a few times a day. Just before he turned 5 months, the pumping got to be too much for the tiny amount I was getting.

DD has never had formula. I quickly rediscovered how poorly my body responds to a pump, so she has only had a handful of bottles. I'm so glad I have the information I do now to trust my own body. I'm glad we had a good start to our nursing relationship. I have no end goal. I just plan to nurse her until she decides to stop. So tonight I'm going to do a little victory dance and eat some dark chocolate.

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