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Re: Anybody homeschooling a preschooler?

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
We just read, read, read at this age. We do numbers, write our names, basic stuff that's free and play on a lot (free). Other than that this is a good age for just play- based learning. Doesn't need a heavy schedule etc. fun age so just enjoy
Yep, this is what we do. If you plan on homeschooling long term then think about it this way: preschool is a pretty new idea, little kids used to stay home until they were about 7 then they started school. (Most states do not have compulsory attendance laws until the child is 6-8.) The main point of preschool is to transition young children from home life to school life and if you are homeschooling there is no need for this transition.

So far you have taught your baby to walk, talk, eat with a spoon, drink from a cup, draw pictures, have good manners etc. Just continue with what you are doing, allowing her to play, helping her to learn new things at an age appropriate level. Read, have fun, follow her lead and you will have a great time without feeling pressured to keep up with a set curriculum intended for children who will go to school.
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