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Re: Anybody homeschooling a preschooler?

While I totally agree with the play and teach as you go philosophy I'm one of the parents that does like a curriculum at a young age. For us, the day is long and having some type of structured school work is easy to fit in. We still do a TON of reading, cooking, and playing as well. My 3 year old participates in "circle time" where we focus on memorization like address, phone number, days of the week, months of the year, calendar time, number flashcards, animal of the day (flashcard), bible, and shapes. He was doing this at 2 because he wanted to participate with brother. I pick and chose from that list, we don't do them all at once. He does Hooked on Phonics a couple of times a week and he has Handwriting Without Tears because he wanted a book like his brother had. I spend very little focused one on one attention with him. Maybe 10 minutes? We gather items in a bucket that start with a certain letter and write the words on the board. We probably spend a grand total of 20 minutes on his "school." I found with my kids that starting early and making it part of our lives works really well. We have never faced resistance on doing any type of school work. They are always excited and happy about it. I have friends that have waited until their kids were older and really struggled to get them to do any type of workbook activities. While I'm not a huge fan of workbooks we do use them for handwriting and math.
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