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could we add the ability to search recent posts?

I take it there is no way to search recent posts? Usually when I am looking for a conversation it is a recent one that I wanted to get more info off of or that I had meant to respond to. But the search only gives me old conversations. Usually there are 4 or 5 forums under which the conversation I have in mind *might* have logically been placed, and sometimes peops start their convos in rather illogical forums, I suppose because that one happens to be the one they most frequent. Thus, it seems like I need to either save the info or subscribe/reply right away or lose the conversation forever.

Also quite frequently similar questions about something like menstrual cloth pads get posted in all different forums over the span of just a few weeks, but it is hard to find the other conversations to point people to the appropriate answers, and so I just repeat myself at length again. I'm guessing we probably wouldn't have so many repeat questions if people could do a search that pointed them to an appropriate current conversation in the first place.

Perhaps it simply isn't an option. I realize every forum format has its limitations. But I thought I would throw out there that the ability to search current posts would be a great boon in my book.

Thanks for all you do!!
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