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Re: When to offer food

Originally Posted by anniekins1488 View Post
Subbing as I'd like opinions on the same. My DD3 is the same age- born 5/10/12.
6 days apart

Originally Posted by ulawolf View Post
My dd4 was born 4/29. She eats table food twice a day and a few snacks . about 12/13 months I will transition to more table foods but that is because I only have enough stored milk to last a year and I already supplement with formula. We don't offer bottles or formula after a year. We will transition to almond milk so we will up her food intake then.
Would you still do the same if your dd was nursing? I know I want to make it to a year but I'm not sure how much longer after that I don't know, I would really like ds to be getting mostly food with goats milk, and nursing as an extra by 13-14 months.

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
I've never heard that, and I've bf 2 babes. I just offered them food when they started mimicking us at the table, or staring with their mouths open like little birds I used a hand pump if I ever I felt engorged, which happened if I missed a feeding, every 4 hours or less. I don't remember ever thinking the kid was too full from food, but when they first start they really eat so little it didn't matter. And they always still wanted milk.

Eta- we also never did baby food, we always did fresh fruit or veggies cut up into tiny pieces or bits of whatever we were eating at the moment, to an extent.
It sounds like you must have a really good milk supply, unfortunately I struggle with it a lot so maybe that's why I have been more strict about doing everything anyone ever suggested about maintaining supply.
When did your kiddos start to eat more food and drink less?

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
I don't necessarily nurse first. I offer a little bite here or there when we eat dinner. Generally, I would sit down and try to nurse baby before dinner so I wouldn't get interrupted. I didn't worry whether they nursed or not, since they'll refuse if they're full. They will eventually turn down nursing for food. No need to do it for them.
When did this happen for yours? I'm trying to think ahead.....
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