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Originally Posted by MyLovely
The benefits are reduced risk of penile cancer and a slightly lower risk of contracting HIV. However, penile cancer is already very rare (breast cancer is significantly more common) and survivable. As for HIV, the benefits are virtually irrelevant in the western world, where it is transmitted most commonly via unprotected male-male sexual contact and contaminated drug needles. Circumcision doesn't protect against male-male transmission at all, and obviously doesn't protect against dirty needles. In terms of heterosexual sex, it's more difficult for men to contract it from women than the other way around, and the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised risk is pretty small.

Not to mention, having unprotected sex regardless of foreskin status is dumb dumb dumb! I'm unsure if there have been studies done comparing the risk of contracting HIV when using condoms in both circumcised and intact men, but I cannot imagine there would be a discernible difference.
The cancer thing is so silly. Less than 1 percent of men get penile cancer in the US. They can't even study the rates of circ vs. non circ because the rates are so low and the majority of cases a year (1200) are in circed males.

It should not be used as a basis to circ a baby (seeing as the child could later choose to circ on his own anyways). And general cleanliness and safe sex practices in both intact and circed males reduces risk by almost 100 percent.
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