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Re: Pediatric pain management

My son's brain is fully formed but he has microcephaly. His head is about the size of a 6 month old infant. If your ds is cognitively aware enough there may be hope eye gaze, sip & puff switches etc.... but even if he learns how to use such a device it will likely take years of therapy and persistence.

Unfortunately I have found most speech therapists have very little interest and ability for that matter to help a multiply disabled child learn communication skills. It requires a lot of thinking outside the box when a child has vision problems, physical problems and cognitive problems. Most everything my ds has learned about communication has been directed by me and taught by me. I feel very lost trying to handle something I was never trained to do but every therapist we have tried to consult has been grossly inadequate with helping him achieve any long term communication goals so I have mostly had to do it myself. I am also having the same problem with OT. He needs help with fine motor and finger isolation and the main reason why he can't use the AAC reliably. The cognitive ability is there but the fine motor isn't. I have tried both private and school therapist and keep running into the same road block.
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