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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

You were given wrong info, unfortunately.
Pitocin is actually the recommended method for VBAC induction, and epidurals are definitely allowed!

Here's the SOCG guidelines for VBAC - it's kinda a boring read, but well worth having "under your belt" when talking with your OB/MW about VBACs.
The only trouble is that these are the guidelines in Canada... so they may argue with you about being in the states... I would argue that our bodies can't be that different, and ask them what makes a uterus magically change when we cross the border!!!

As far an inductions for VBACs go, cytotec is contraindicated completely - so I wouldn't even let that be an option given to me.
Cervidil is not recommended either - the thing is, that med works to thin the cervix, but the cervix is just the bottom/neck of the uterus and while thinning there, it can cause thinning of the lower portions of the uterus as well. Obviously this would increase the risk of rupture.
Pitocin is recommended as a form of induction, though they recommend constant fetal monitoring along with the pit.
And, AROM is fine.

This was actually my plan for induction (that I gave my OB, lol, but he completely agreed with me) - I would allow my body to go to 42 weeks, but DH and I were not comfortable with the risks of going beyond that point. At 42 weeks, if labor had not occurred naturally, we would start with AROM (because at that point I wouldn't care about being "on the clock", as I would want baby delivered whether by VBAC or csec) and see what my body did. If labor started, great. If not, we would start pit and see how things went.
Thankfully, this wasn't necessary as labor began on its own. But it was my plan, and like I said, my OB fully agreed with me.
This is essentially what my OB told me too. I had DS vaginally but am at increased risk for rupture due to uterine surgery I have had since. He just said I only get a small dose of Pitocin and nothing else to make me contract. I progressed very well with DS some hope that I can get this kid out easily too. He also has never said that I couldn't get an epidural. I am at a 5% risk of rupture and he said that a VBAC is typically a 1-1.5% chance of rupture.
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