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Originally Posted by stevensmom
cute nickname...this one is called "hope". DD one day said "ope" and pointed to my belly. I'm hoping that meant hope and not dope

and a good friend of mine is making me a shirt that has this embroidery on it..."Rainbow of HOPE":

AFM: I go for our ultrasound tomorrow. We are doing a 3d ultrasound since baby boo wouldn't show us "the goods" . So I'm pretty excited. I've also been tapering off my progesterone and my back pain is getting better. I'm still not able to stand or walk for more than a couple minutes without a dramatic increase in pain but I can sleep well. and I'm only taking 1 vicodon/day instead of 1 every 4 hours!!!

I'm so excited for all the babies coming soon!! Can't wait for the rush of updates and pictures!!!
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