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Could he be constipated? I have heard this can be a cause of bed wetting?

My daughter is 7 and just in the last 9 months has she been consistently dry. The turning point for her was when her paediatrician paid her to stay dry. He asked us to print a blank calendar and in the morning we wrote either a D or a W on it depending on if she was wet or dry. If she was able to obtain 7 d's in the 30 days he said he would give her $1 and if she got to 14 d's she would get $2.
He paid her $2 after the first 30 days and the kept it up for 6 months adding to the number of d's required to earn the $2.
At the end of the 6 months she was required to get 20 d's and got 29 so we told her she earned the new bed sheets she wanted and we were done with the calendars.
She has accidents here and there over the last 3 months so it isn't 100% but it definitely worked
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