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Re: Bedwetting EVERY night at 7 years old

Originally Posted by mmmom View Post
What have you tried?
Do you wake him before you go to bed or a couple hours after he does and take him to the bathroom?
We had success with that; kind of. We bought dd to bed at 8pm, I would wake her at 11pm and take her to the bathroom. If she peed she was often dry in the morning. The side effect to this was she was cranky and miserable since her sleep was interrupted
Honestly, we haven't really tried anything. I suggested not drinking water before bedtime but we haven't been consistent with that. And the couple times we tried to wake him up to go to the bathroom he just won't wake up. Because of the way he pees automatically anytime he falls asleep, I've assumed it's mostly out of his control. I haven't wanted to discourage him by setting him up to fail. But maybe that's been the wrong approach.
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