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Re: What else do you have to do?

Wasn't too worried about what I had left until my doctor said she thinks I'm going to come early. Now I'm getting paranoid! Also we went to do our hospital tour today and they told us that we cannot leave the hospital with our baby unless we have an infant car seat that snaps in and out of a base. We went and bought a really nice convertible car seat for the baby, but the woman who gave the tour said they have to carry the baby out of the hospital for us and so it has to be an infant car seat that they can carry the baby in. We got a convertible car seat so it would last her from nb until she is ready for a toddler seat so I'm incredibly annoyed with this. I think we're just going to buy a cheapo one off of craigslist and once they carry her out of the hospital snap her into the convertible seat we bought, but if she came tomorrow we wouldn't be able to take her home, which is freaking us out.

-Buy infant car seat so we can take baby home
-Print out birth plan
-Email directions to hospital to parents
-Print care instructions for dd for her grandparents (favorite bedtime songs, etc)
-Buy rings for ring sling I'm making
-Wash & Lanolize wool
-Sew the rest of newborn cloth diapers for stash (& maybe cloth wipes)
-Clean mini fridge to bring in from garage to bedroom upstairs
-Find screws for changing table or buy new ones
-Assorted household to do (donation pile to store, carpets cleaned, sink fixed in our master bath, etc)
-Ideally I'd also like to purchase a freezer for the garage and make a bunch of freezer meals, but I haven't found a good deal on a freezer yet so we'll see. Our current freezer is super tiny and I barely have room for groceries in it so there isn't room.
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