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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
Agree with everything except the quality of at-home tests

I got tons of phantom kicks when not pregnant.

And stress could easily mess up your cycles and PMS and early pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same.

But good luck to you. There are reasons why the show 'i didn't know I was pregnant' exist.
Most of those people are idiots though IMHO. The shows I have seen, they were in total denial or ignorance. Most of them gained weight, had a messed up or NO cycle, cravings, etc. and as I lay here 31 wks pregnant watching my stomach bounce around like a beach ball, I simply can not wrap my head around people not knowing. Most of those women say things like, "I was breastfeeding, I knew I couldn't get pregnant" or "I only missed my pill for two days, I knew I wasn't pregnant," etc.
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