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Re: Need some info on circing

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
That isn't true at all. Condoms work the same regardless of the state of the penis.

Africa does have showers and such. The study actually translates world wide. We don't live in mud huts here.
Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post
I'm not sure where in Africa those studies were done. But I know that some places in Africa believe some bizarre things-- like having sex with a virgin can cure HIV/AIDS, so sadly you have men raping children and babies trying to cure themselves. Given the misinformation they believe, telling them that circumcision will prevent HIV may possibly just give them an excuse to engage in unsafe sex if they think they are somehow protected.

I absolutely would not let studies done in Africa about HIV influence whether or not I circ'd my sons. Also, follow-up studies have shown an increase in HIV among circ'd men in Africa.
Thank you. Africa is a vast continent with countless differing levels of development, cultures and beliefs. No western country faces the HIV/AIDS epidemic that several countries there do. Western nations have access to sex education and condoms, so when the church says "condoms don't prevent HIV so don't use them", we can ignore him as we have multiple sources of information. We have access to medical care. I know that you, in South Africa, are not living in a mud hut. I'm most certainly no dumb American. It is impossible, however, to try and make a correlation between the lifestyles of someone living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (world's poorest county) and someone living in South Africa, or America, or Canada, or the UK. People are people, yes, but culture, lifestyles and access to basic amenities are the biggest factors in disease spreading.
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