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I've been getting frustrated by planning lunches for DS (16 months) to eat every week and have been rotating off this list for the past week. I plan to change it up next week and then we start our CSA in early March so we will plan around that. Anyways, I hope this can help someone:

Monday: Cheese, turkey, cucumbers, and blueberries
Tuesday: Black beans, cheese, tortilla, tomatoes
Wednesday: Turkey, cheese, tomatoes, avocado
Thursday: Cottage cheese, banana, piece of toast with sunflower seed butter
Friday: Turkey, black beans, tomatoes, cheese
Saturday: cottage cheese and tbsp of jam, blueberries
Sunday: Whatever is left from everything cut up

Snacks every day are a piece of banana bread or poppy seed bread with cream cheese

Shopping List:
1 block of organic cheese
1 package organic turkey lunch meat
3 organic bananas
1 container organic cottage cheese
3 small organic cucumbers
1 package organic blueberries
2 cups cooked black beans (I make in crockpot and freeze in freezable Ball jars)
1 loaf organic multigrain bread
1 jar sunflower seed butter
1 jar organic jam (type rotates)
1 package flour tortillas
1 container organic cherry tomatoes
1 organic avocado
1 container cream cheese

In addition to the above, I make:
Banana bread
Poppy seed bread

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