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Re: Maca for adrenal regulation and energy?

Thanks, Keen!

Customer reviews suggest that you start with a small dose and then work up to either the amount recommended by your doctor or on the bottle. Its hormone-regulating properties can apparently be hormone-wacko for some people if they don't go slow (and sometimes even if they do go slow). Maca appears to be used for strength/energy, fertility, libido, hormone regulation (PMS/menopause), and adrenal regulation. From what I've read so far it can help some with hypothyroid (but be problematic for hyperthyroid and maybe for some hypos too?). There are a lot of different compounds in the maca root, and different components may do different things (both a blessing and a curse to have so many components). I'll keep it on my doctor check list and continue listening here if others have something to contribute.
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