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Re: Increasing milk production

i think for me it was pumping every 2 hrs & my prenatals.

first i was stressed to no end not good so breastfeeding didnt last more than 3 to 6 months... bad latch i think too. baby didnt seem to know & not much told on help to breastfeed. formula it was.

second was awesome & was like i know what im doing let me dio it..... milk came in few days after we got home. i pumped some to help get milk in. i eventually stopped pumping but had abouut 2000 oz taking up my deep freeze.... donated to lmilk bank who donated to susan g. komen. lots to drink!

third milk was in before we left hospital. milk is great & again with prenatals. lots to drink!

if u think something else might help besides not stressing.. thistle,
fenugreek, mothers milk tea, & mothers milk plus are out there plus i think some here have said oatmeal cookies.
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