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Re: What do you do while breastfeeding???

Unfortunately, I can't type and nurse. I just can't. Typically, I have to use both hands.

So, I do talk to and sing to baby a lot. But, I don't do that the whole time every time. I often read to my olders (and the baby). I do school with my olders. Or, if my older kids are asleep or upstairs, I'll watch TV. I can often use one arm to support the baby and hold my iphone in my hand behind his back, which is not actually a phone but just a game player and note taker . I play solitaire on that a LOT. I also make my grocery lists and to do lists on there. Every now and again, I can get myself in a position to actually eat, but it doesn't work very well and I almost always drop something on the baby. I've taken to covering him with a towel or burp cloth.
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