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Re: ugh. fetal positioning issues. baby is IN my right hip.

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
I can't get the site up either, they must be having issues. Did the midwife seem worried? I'd think if he can move into position (even if he's moving back out), the main thing is that he's head down right?
he is head down. (yay!)

The MW just had a baby about 6 mos ago herself, and her son was wedged in her hip, and it took 50+ hrs of labor, moving to different positions, etc. to get him to move out of her hip and descend into her pelvis to be born. She also had tons of prodromal labor.

So, I think as a result of that, she is mentioning it to me in a "Hey, if we can correct this now, it can save you in the long haul" kind of way. Head down is most important, IMO. But then I also don't want to suffer through an incredibly long labor b/c the baby is mal-positioned, either. KWIM?
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