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Re: Leaking fluid!

Originally Posted by DesertRat View Post
My guess is that if you're leaking fluid slowly, maybe your body just hasn't realized it yet. Personally, I would not go to the doctor right away unless you want to start the countdown to your next c-section. I'd avoid internal checks (to prevent infection) and do other things to see if you can get contractions started on their own. But I don't think leaking fluid puts you at risk of anything, since the baby still has plenty of fluid in there.
Per our hospital-approved birthing instructor, leaking fluid can lead to infections. THey become concerned about that starting at 24 hours.

That said, I apparently leaked fluid for several days before having our baby. I started with irregular contractions and fluid leaking on Monday, finally got admitted to hospital on Thursday, had baby on Friday. I had a slow leak from the top, my doc suspected. They were not too happy that I waited that long to come in, but I honestly did not want to deal with the induction process and the contractions werent regular, and I honestly didnt think about the leak being my water!
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