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Originally Posted by Quickshep19

I like the Grovia better than Flips for my son. He has issues with the inside PUL strip on the tummy and they are way to wide for him. He is very petite so the narrowness of Grovia & .
' k
Same here for my son! The elastic is sturdier on the grovia & the snap in soakers make life so easy! And when I am not feeling lazy, I can pad fold a flip flat in there easy peasy. I doubt it would fit over a fitted. Super trim though - no need to size up clothes! And the mesh holds a pad folded so much better than a PUL cover. I prefer the snap closure though. No wing drop here, just a simple single row of snaps
I haven't tried the stay dry soakers but hearing try last 3 hours, I may give them a try
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