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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
Not to pick on you(just the closest) but I have seen the word "rightful "owner many times. Just out of curiosity what does someone have to do before they are no longer the rightful owner? Is there a time limit ,what if the owner waited 30 days or 2 years? Does the animal always belong to the original owner? I guess to me the op is both the legal as well as the rightful owner.
It has been less than two weeks and the owner was out of town. I would suspect the owner was unaware that the dog was missing for at least half of that time if not more. Even if they were aware there is not much one could do out of town. I would say the original owner of a LOST/STOLEN pet is always the "rightful" owner. DH and I had an amazing dog that we loved to pieces when we were first married. We let him out to play (Fenced yard)one day and he just disappeared We are assuming he was stolen . We searched everywhere we could think of for months to no avail . If we found him tomorrow, we would want him back even if he was living with a nice family.
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